Memorial Day Redux

What a busy weekend! My Mom arrived on Thursday with the Jeep and Dad followed on Sunday night. Here’s what we accomplished:

  • bought new dishwasher, hauled it home
  • installed new dishwasher

  • arranged pickup of old dishwasher (and old washing machine!)
  • bought a curtain rod
  • removed closet doors in the master bedroom
  • disassembled a duvet cover and made curtains

  • made 2 new pillows
  • bought paint
  • finished scraping glue in the bathroom (leftovers from an ugly fish border)
  • painted the walls in the bathroom
  • removed the mirror, towel holders and patched walls
  • caulked the gap between wall and countertop
  • hung new mirror

  • measured for baseboards
  • replaced switches and outlets in master bath, master bedroom and guest room
  • hung mirror in master bedroom

  • hung 3 new mirrors in guest bathroom

  • replaced broken toilet seat in guest bathroom
  • hung new message board in garage

  • bought new baseboards for office, guest room and master bedroom

Sure feels good to have all those things checked off the list!

Of course the old house list is a never ending thing and I hope to have another pass at the paint in each room, touching up as needed and then install the new baseboards. I’d be delightfully happy with new faucets in the bathrooms and a new shower head in the guest bath but in good time.

In addition I’m working from my new computer! Finally broke down and bought the MacBook Pro that I’ve been salivating over for months now. I bought my little Acer netbook in 2009 and it worked pretty well for the weak processor and I’m fine replacing it since it was just $300 and lasted 18 months. You get what you pay for.

In fact the MBP is the reason this post is so late, I can’t figure out how to rotate and upload pics to the blog on the Mac yet so I had to move files back to the Acer.

It’s a good thing Mac is pretty…


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