Two Years Later

In the Summer of 2009 I decided to do a little experiment, 99 things in 99 days. Taking the 99 days between Memorial Day and Labor Day I tackled a bunch of little (and some big) tasks on my to do list for the house.

And while I *barely* finished with my goal I, well, cheated. One of the items was to remove the ugly fish border in my bathroom and while *technically* I did that I did not remove the sticky gluey part. Which was still up on the wall until yesterday.

I finally got it down with a good removal system (water bottle and dish scraper), music so I could work faster, and the hope that I can get this room painted in the next few days.

Memorial Day is a great time for painting.

So that project completion got me thinking about last summer when I did not have a project list. Well, I did have a big project but it was just one thing: get freelance work.

And I did that and love my work. So I’m thinking it’s time to reinvent the list. Maybe it’s apt I just do this on odd years because I am odd.

A little work with the calendar tells me May 29th – September 5th is exactly 100 days. Time to go make a list.


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