Cleaning Pays, but not much

Mom visited this weekend so I had to finish cleaning/organizing the guest room whilst still trying to overcome my cough/cold. Fun times.

I’m happy with how the room turned out and while cleaning I found a whopping 52 cents!

After cleaning out the closet, I needed to move the bookshelves and make room for a file cabinet:

The bed and nightstand are in the same position but I did move out the red chairs:

Since Mom was staying Saturday night I added a vase of fresh picked flowers since she is bothered by scented plug ins and such:

Thursday night the power went out for most of the evening and I was grateful to have a large stash of candles to illuminate the darkness.

While the power was out I decided to finish the emergency kit in my car (that I’d been planning to do since December…) and I used one of the recovered plastic tubs from the guest room. In the tub I have:

  • gallon of water
  • notebook and pens
  • rag
  • jumper cables
  • small first aid kit
  • rope
  • 5 cans of food with pull tops (fruit, soup, vegetables)

I’ve also got a few beach/picnic type blankets and towels in the trunk for trips out with the dogs or an emergency. I would take pictures but my car is packed with a big Goodwill donation. I’m sending a lamp, mirror, vacuum cleaner, printer, CD player, books, DVDs/VHS movies, 2 boxes of clothes and I have a bag of old towels for the animal shelter.

I have to drop all this off before I head to my parents house for dog sitting otherwise I can’t fit my dogs and bag into the car! I love those kind of deadlines.



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