Sitting in the Dirt

I’ve written before on changing perspectives but I think this one takes that a bit further. There’s this road, a gravel road between flood plains where I like to go and shoot. There’s usually something interesting like this bale of hay,

or this spot (which makes me want to sing “just around the river bend!”).

These pics were shot in December and February respectively. So I went back today (April) to see what’s changed. I was so amazed by the wild flowers that I sat on the side of the gravel & dirt road, prayed there were no snakes in the grass, didn’t even shriek when buzzing things attacked me and snapped about 100 pictures. Like this one:

or this one:

I really hope you have a good quality computer screen. If you’re reading this on a phone, bookmark it and look it up again on a nice monitor. Makes all the difference in quality, I swear. If you hit Ctrl & + on a PC you’ll see more detail too.

So there I was, sitting in the dirt, looking at these flowers, this dirty road, the blue sky,

and the whole time I was sitting on the side of the road, mildly terrified I’d be bitten by a snake or bee or attacked by something with 8 legs, I was peaceful. Enjoying the sun on my back. Letting the wind whip around me. Watching the grass ripple. Hearing birds chirping in the trees.

Great way to spend an hour and gallon of gas.

Now, can anyone tell me what kind of flowers these are? Here’s a close up:


2 thoughts on “Sitting in the Dirt

  1. Great shots. You’ve captured beauty in a wonderful way. I feel the same way when I’m out shooting; I forget about my phobia about all eight-legged things that can bite and sting, and just enjoy the peace and contentment of spending time with my camera.

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