Giving Up

I started this puzzle last month, sometime in March. And it was a good way to relax at the end of a long day except it wasn’t really fun. 1,000 pieces of blue sky and green trees was more like work after work. True, it was time away from a screen (computer, iPad, tv…) but it wasn’t enjoyable.

So I let it stay like this on my table for weeks. Probably out of guilt. I like puzzles, this was a a dollar so I don’t really care about getting a ton of use out of it but something kept telling me to finish.

Finally I boxed it up and put it in the pile of stuff to donate to the Goodwill.

I may have sang ‘know when to hold ’em, know when to fold ’em’ as I did so. It’s always a bit harder for me to quit than it is to sign up for something. Emails. Friendships. Jobs.

Over time I’ve gotten much better at recognizing when a job isn’t working (#1 hint: when your supervisor verbally attacks you), when a friendship is over and when an email no longer conveys any value to me. But for projects like these, it’s so much harder. Should I finish watching the movie that, quite frankly, sucks? Read the book I bought because the concept sounded cool but the writing is boring me to tears?

While I’m not a quitter by nature, I am getting better at recognizing when something isn’t all that important and I can send it off to Goodwill without guilt. Now that I’ve reclaimed my table I’ve been doing things which I truly find enjoyable. Like playing with my camera:

besides, fresh flowers smell awesome.


It’s a day. On the earth. It’s earth day.

Some things from the earth:

I’ve got a thing for purple flowers lately…

other colors are nice too.

Searching for the photos I knew I wanted to include has made me realize I’m missing quite a few collections on my trusty laptop. This may be a problem since I’ve lost my best SD card that could hold approximately 12,000 photos. I’ll be cleaning and searching the office for it soon and double checking my USB drives so I have my entire collection in one place.

While I also back up some collections via USB (family photos and insurance pictures for example), I trust Sugarsync to handle everything else. Between Sugarsync and Carbonite I’ve got online backups.

Now, just to find those other collections I’m missing.

Happy Earth Day!

Cleaning Pays, but not much

Mom visited this weekend so I had to finish cleaning/organizing the guest room whilst still trying to overcome my cough/cold. Fun times.

I’m happy with how the room turned out and while cleaning I found a whopping 52 cents!

After cleaning out the closet, I needed to move the bookshelves and make room for a file cabinet:

The bed and nightstand are in the same position but I did move out the red chairs:

Since Mom was staying Saturday night I added a vase of fresh picked flowers since she is bothered by scented plug ins and such:

Thursday night the power went out for most of the evening and I was grateful to have a large stash of candles to illuminate the darkness.

While the power was out I decided to finish the emergency kit in my car (that I’d been planning to do since December…) and I used one of the recovered plastic tubs from the guest room. In the tub I have:

  • gallon of water
  • notebook and pens
  • rag
  • jumper cables
  • small first aid kit
  • rope
  • 5 cans of food with pull tops (fruit, soup, vegetables)

I’ve also got a few beach/picnic type blankets and towels in the trunk for trips out with the dogs or an emergency. I would take pictures but my car is packed with a big Goodwill donation. I’m sending a lamp, mirror, vacuum cleaner, printer, CD player, books, DVDs/VHS movies, 2 boxes of clothes and I have a bag of old towels for the animal shelter.

I have to drop all this off before I head to my parents house for dog sitting otherwise I can’t fit my dogs and bag into the car! I love those kind of deadlines.


Sitting in the Dirt

I’ve written before on changing perspectives but I think this one takes that a bit further. There’s this road, a gravel road between flood plains where I like to go and shoot. There’s usually something interesting like this bale of hay,

or this spot (which makes me want to sing “just around the river bend!”).

These pics were shot in December and February respectively. So I went back today (April) to see what’s changed. I was so amazed by the wild flowers that I sat on the side of the gravel & dirt road, prayed there were no snakes in the grass, didn’t even shriek when buzzing things attacked me and snapped about 100 pictures. Like this one:

or this one:

I really hope you have a good quality computer screen. If you’re reading this on a phone, bookmark it and look it up again on a nice monitor. Makes all the difference in quality, I swear. If you hit Ctrl & + on a PC you’ll see more detail too.

So there I was, sitting in the dirt, looking at these flowers, this dirty road, the blue sky,

and the whole time I was sitting on the side of the road, mildly terrified I’d be bitten by a snake or bee or attacked by something with 8 legs, I was peaceful. Enjoying the sun on my back. Letting the wind whip around me. Watching the grass ripple. Hearing birds chirping in the trees.

Great way to spend an hour and gallon of gas.

Now, can anyone tell me what kind of flowers these are? Here’s a close up: