Guest Room Closet Makeover

Finishing up some of those projects I started last weekend now since the weather is so terrible this weekend. It’s great to be indoors!

Awhile back I found these little curtain rods at Ikea and bought one to hang my quilt:

The curtain rod was both too short and wimpy for this quilt so I had to find a new use. Then I realized that some of wrapping paper I had was too tall for my organizer thingy. I picked up a few more since these are just $1.99 at Ikea and put up a few more rolls of wrapping paper and ribbon.

Instead of using rubber bands on the more fragile paper I use clothes pins:

While cleaning out the closet to install the curtain rods I decided to clear the whole thing out and organize the space. This small closet needs to hold linens, luggage, and a bunch of random stuff.

I also hung these picture frames (also from Ikea):

I’ve only filled a few frames but I have a few pictures from my recent trip in mind. Here’s a close up:

More pictures to come when I finish in the closet and get rid of some things. For now here’s what’s growing in my garden:


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