Another Saturday, Another Project

I mentioned in the last post undertaking “small Saturday projects” and this weekend was no different. Except the small part. I definitely kicked off a half dozen new projects. Some small, some not so much.

  • spray painting ugly stuff
  • revamping my china cabinet
  • hanging new curtain rods in the closet
  • lamp project
  • new picture project in the guest room
  • planting green stuff

Let’s start with the last one since it’s the most complete of all the projects. I got back this week from a trip to the East Coast where it is COLD. Snow on the ground, freezing stuff, wearing a jacket and scarf and still cold cold.

I am a wimp when it comes to winter outside of California. This is what February looks like in California:

See? Beautiful, blue skies, WARM.

So when I got back and saw that our ground was thawed, un-snowed-upon and ready for spring, off I went to pick up plants. Let me be clear, I don’t do seeds. I mean, I plant them but then I completely forget they exist buried under the soil, never water em and then get surprised when nothing grows.

Master gardener I am not.

Here’s what my planter box in the front yard normally looks like:

Classy, right? I filled in some dirt when I had sod put in my backyard in 2009 and then it was a nice dirt rectangle. Lovely.

The planter around the tree got the most attention with tulips, daffodils, pansies, lavender, mint, lovely! Here’s the post flower infusion:

It was raining a bit so I didn’t get many detailed pics but I’ll be sure to post more before I kill everything in this box. Because that’s what I do. I’m a plant killer.

Inside I had a few plants in the kitchen window, but they were looking a little pathetic:

So I replaced some of the green stuff and added a few more plant holders (my mini bicycle collection):

Lots cleaner. Next up, spray painting a whole bunch of random stuff in the garage!



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