Give it the old college try

I’ve been feeling restless lately and while I’m in no mood to change jobs or move from my house anytime soon I still feel… unsettled.

it's spring in California, no time to leave now

So in lieu of doing something drastic, I’m cleaning up around the house. Yes, a new project. I must be crazy.

All of this started with a coupon. Seriously. Well, it started with a gift but on the chance my best friend reads this entry before her birthday in November, let’s just say I went to Michael’s to buy supplies for a gift. And they always give out coupons. One such coupon is 50% off a custom framing order.

Familiar. My mom used to give me those all the time. Oh yeah, she wanted me to use one to frame my college diploma. Which is.. in a file folder somewhere. Definitely not framed on a wall somewhere. Looking important. Maybe I’ll do that by the time I pay off my student loans.

It’s only been… hell it’s been 5 years. Seriously? a) I’m old. b) what else is lying around leftover from college that I haven’t looked at since?

I distinctly remember promising to get rid of more of my crap when moved into the house. Specifically when I was driving around picking up boxes, packing my crap at all hours of the night and unpacking. I only moved 2 miles away and my Dad unloaded most of the boxes! I wasn’t slacking, there was a little flood indoors, a broker to disparage and my Dad is like a Boy Scout – always helpful and working on something. Speedsters.  Matchbox cars. Replacing dry wall. Unpacking boxes.

And then the inevitable happened, after settling in I acquired more crap, not less. By the way, I’m so not a minimalist nor do I really want to be. I enjoy having a quirky little copper bowl to make hard shell tortillas for soup. Even if I use it just one a month.

Besides the basic human condition that I like my things because they’re my things, I’m also an eccentric collector of ideas.  Which means I not only have a ton of recipes pulled from magazine I’ll probably never try but a lot of stuff. Because sometimes stuff is tied to an idea. A gift. A collection. Something fun I wanted to try (like spray painting crap in my garage).

The Challenge:  go through my crap. All of it. In chunks. Get rid of anything I haven’t used since college.

First up is the master bedroom.  This is why I take pictures. Because when I took pictures of the new bed skirt to see if I liked it, I decided I hated how the room looked. Cluttered.

I inherited the loveseat and shoved it in the corner so I could *literally* roll out of bed in the morning, open the door so the dogs can go outside and roll back into bed without getting up.

Yes, I’m lazy.

Anywho, this just wasn’t working. So I moved some things around:

A lot cleaner. I have space to move. Yes, I have to get up in the morning to let the dogs out but you win some, you lose some.

I’m still working on the rest of the room but getting rid of anything I haven’t used, worn or read since college.

Guest Room Closet Makeover

Finishing up some of those projects I started last weekend now since the weather is so terrible this weekend. It’s great to be indoors!

Awhile back I found these little curtain rods at Ikea and bought one to hang my quilt:

The curtain rod was both too short and wimpy for this quilt so I had to find a new use. Then I realized that some of wrapping paper I had was too tall for my organizer thingy. I picked up a few more since these are just $1.99 at Ikea and put up a few more rolls of wrapping paper and ribbon.

Instead of using rubber bands on the more fragile paper I use clothes pins:

While cleaning out the closet to install the curtain rods I decided to clear the whole thing out and organize the space. This small closet needs to hold linens, luggage, and a bunch of random stuff.

I also hung these picture frames (also from Ikea):

I’ve only filled a few frames but I have a few pictures from my recent trip in mind. Here’s a close up:

More pictures to come when I finish in the closet and get rid of some things. For now here’s what’s growing in my garden:

Another Saturday, Another Project

I mentioned in the last post undertaking “small Saturday projects” and this weekend was no different. Except the small part. I definitely kicked off a half dozen new projects. Some small, some not so much.

  • spray painting ugly stuff
  • revamping my china cabinet
  • hanging new curtain rods in the closet
  • lamp project
  • new picture project in the guest room
  • planting green stuff

Let’s start with the last one since it’s the most complete of all the projects. I got back this week from a trip to the East Coast where it is COLD. Snow on the ground, freezing stuff, wearing a jacket and scarf and still cold cold.

I am a wimp when it comes to winter outside of California. This is what February looks like in California:

See? Beautiful, blue skies, WARM.

So when I got back and saw that our ground was thawed, un-snowed-upon and ready for spring, off I went to pick up plants. Let me be clear, I don’t do seeds. I mean, I plant them but then I completely forget they exist buried under the soil, never water em and then get surprised when nothing grows.

Master gardener I am not.

Here’s what my planter box in the front yard normally looks like:

Classy, right? I filled in some dirt when I had sod put in my backyard in 2009 and then it was a nice dirt rectangle. Lovely.

The planter around the tree got the most attention with tulips, daffodils, pansies, lavender, mint, lovely! Here’s the post flower infusion:

It was raining a bit so I didn’t get many detailed pics but I’ll be sure to post more before I kill everything in this box. Because that’s what I do. I’m a plant killer.

Inside I had a few plants in the kitchen window, but they were looking a little pathetic:

So I replaced some of the green stuff and added a few more plant holders (my mini bicycle collection):

Lots cleaner. Next up, spray painting a whole bunch of random stuff in the garage!