Working at Home

Since September of last year I’ve been working from home as a freelance contractor. I love how much I can get done in my yoga clothes including actual yoga in my spare bedroom! As I continue to work from the same space, I’ve found there are a few things I need to do to keep sane.


At least around the house, outside twice a day and longer jaunts to the park when it’s not raining. I used to do laps around my office or up/downs on the stairs to keep from getting sore from a lack of motion. Now there’s no one at the next desk annoying me so I have to really make sure I keep moving. The dogs keep me on my toes too, up and down a few times a day just to open the door so they go outside.


I’ve started doing small Saturday cleaning projects because when I stay in the same space day after day the small things really start to annoy me. Last weekend it was my bathroom drawers and cabinet. They’re now organized and clean and wonderful! Today I tackled a few projects, the big one was finally dusting the last bookshelves in the office and organizing the closet.

The closet goes through phases and it’s always a challenge to keep clean. When I started using dual monitors in January I stashed the boxes and corresponding cables next to the desk. Where they sat. For a month. I had an overflowing box of cables and wires and electronic junk and no space to empty the monitor boxes so I could move them to the garage. Well no more!

Now the closet is quite streamlined with Banker’s boxes for papers, projects on the small table and even a basket so I can collect crap and put it away instead of throwing it inside. Of course I can always close the curtains to hide my mess but I know it’s there. Mocking me. Reminding me as I work that everything is out of order.

I also managed to grab my zip ties and clean up the overflowing Medusa-esque bo of electrics that used to vex me. Here’s what everything looked like when I was done:

I also found my camcorder so it’s time to charge that up for my trip back East and get my DSLR ready too. The only thing I can’t figure out is this pseudo-charger looking thing. It doesn’t belong to my laptops, cameras, camcorder, ipad, ipod, printer, cell phone, or scanner so I’m lost. Any ideas?


One thing I hated about working in a traditional office was the background noise. Co-workers who called their boyfriend five times a day. Farmville noises. The twilight movie one person listened to daily. Music was a great way to drown out that noise and focus on my tasks. Now that I’m at home the noises are a bit different. Mostly barking dogs, a neighbor who likes Taylor Swift acapella and one particularly annoying neighbor with diesel muscle cars, no common sense and a penchant to waste gas by letting cars run and rev for hours every day.

Music once again saves me from raving at the rednecks. At least until I can find a house and move out to the country!



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