Mirror, Mirror, On the … Floor

As I’ve been working around the house in my limited free time I’ve been rediscovering all the projects I wanted to do when I moved in but have since forgotten. See I was so busy with ripping out walls and covering up horrendous paint that small things became small things.

ugly, ugly, ugly paint

One such small thing is my bathroom mirrors. They’re just slabs of glass stuck up with small holders and while they get the job done, they’re not pretty. I like pretty things.

So in January while out shopping with my mom I found a great mirror that I thought would work. The only thing I didn’t like was the price. $60. Without knowing if it would fit I was kinda unsure until my mom pointed out the tag said “$60 set of 3” so we found the other two (smaller) mirrors and I bought them happily.

Great deal, right?

I thought so too until I went to Target last night to buy a birthday card. I left with more than a birthday card. I’m not going to fess up to everything I bought but I did come home with another mirror. And 14 photo frames but that’s another story for another time.

The mirror I did find is 30″ x 40″ from the Clearance area and there were three to choose from. I got the least banged up one in brown. So here they are my mirrors on the floor:

The silver ones will probably fit best in the guest bathroom because the brown mirror? Waaaay too big for that space. I don’t mind, it’ll fit perfectly in the Master bath and I love the price too:

$28! Amazing! Now I just need to talk my dad into visiting and hanging these for me. I’m totally an expert competent passable at hanging small pictures but for large mirrors, my dad wields the hammer. Oh, and those 14 photo frames I picked up for under $15? I’ll write about those soon. As soon as I find some free time.


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