Pretty things

I’m a big fan of home design projects because while I’m a terrible artist, I love the creative process of taking a blank space and making it something different. There are so many different styles and mixtures of styles to utilize!

And while I like to read blogs, magazines, window shop, etc, I don’t really like the perfect magazine look. For one, I can’t afford it. $499 for a side table? $3999 for a couch? $199 for a lamp? Yeah, no.

Luckily I’ve got family who likes to donate furniture (a couch, loveseat, 2 bed frames, three chairs, two footstools, a desk, two bookshelves and lots of shelving at last count) and I like to find deals on my own instead of buying a complete look out of a catalog. The bookshelf in my kitchen, for example ,was on clearance for $32 at Target. The head board for my queen sized bed was $9 at a furniture sale. The china cabinet in the kitchen was $20 including delivery. Aside from the big ticket items, I like to find most everything else used. Because it’s more fun.

This is my mantle. All of these candle holders were thrift store finds.  They’re glasses and crystal cups,  mismatched and awesome.

You really can’t beat a 27 cent candle holder. My tapers come from Walmart and are pretty cheap, the votive candles come in a bag from Ikea, 50 for $4. How cheap is that for a fun design?

Today I didn’t do any shopping, just went for a long drive to get fresh air, hike a little and snap some photos. I don’t usually mention where I end up because there’s inevitably some trespassing involved…

I have to keep away from bees lest I die. Yes, My Girl is a horror film in my mind.  But with spring nearly here the insects are out, buzzing around terrifying me wherever I go.


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