Affordable Gifts

Today in a very happy accident I was walking out of a consignment shop and ran into my good friend Eli. Well, saw her across the street but still, it was very small town wonderful! So we set off shopping together and found so much good stuff I had to share! Since many of my friends are currently spawning I like to find really cute, new or nearly new baby clothes for gifts. So. Much. Cuteness.

Boy clothes are always hard for me to find and I got great deals today. These are all new outfits, still had the tags for a fraction of the original cost:

I love finding good deals on kids’ clothes. Mostly because spending $18 on something that will be spit on, pooped in and outgrown in 2 months is crazy! I’m all for quality and all but why pay retail? Even when I worked in the kid’s section at a department store I saw how quickly clothes were discounted so quickly. No point paying $25 for one outfit when I can put six or seven onesies, a hat, bibs, blanket for under $15.

For once I have just a few girly outfits in the stash:

Once again, a nice stack of clothes to choose from when I put together a gift, including this adorable little robe:

I can’t forget the toys, so many cute items to choose from including

So cute, right? $1.29  for the dinosaur hand puppet!



And this fischer price elephant was $1.50. When I found out it plays music I got so excited! Needs a bit of cleaning

but so do most kid toys that have been manhandled in the mall by every kid with grabby hands.



I think I have enough dino toys and clothes to make a gift basket – gotta include this shirt:

I also found some book (boring to photograph lol), glassware for my mantle (will add pics when I get that finished tonight) , some gifts for a unicorn lover, and the most hilarious ring:

Very Harry Potter-esqe and I think it would be a fun for a Halloween costume or something. More to come as I continue to unpack and put things away from this little thrift shopping spree!


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