Some Christmas Spirit

I’ve said before, I’m not a huge fan of holidays. The reasons are vast but the main reason is that no one seems to relax and enjoy the peace and calm of a day set aside to celebrate veterans or a new year or a nation’s founding. Instead we’re encouraged to buy more crap, host bigger and better parties and produce gifts and sugar treats galore.

Hardly relaxing.

This December I’ve enjoyed decorating but not taken things too seriously. Most of my decorations come from the thrift store or reuse what I already own. Some of my favorite things are homemade.

Here’s one gift I’m testing out for my Grandma who has a walnut tree in her backyard, it’s called “Davy Crackit”:

I bought fresh flowers since I have come to accept that I kill living plants faster than acceptable in modern society. Cut flowers, however, are supposed to die and relieve me of guilt.

It’s nice to put on the Christmas music, light the candles and relax with a book. And coffee. Peppermint creamer makes an appearance often. Here’s Jackson with one of the pillows I made this month:

While it’s raining today I went for a drive yesterday, got lost and then found my way home. Best thing I saw (no picture unfortunately) was a sign advertising:


Mexican Food

Live Bait

I did stop for a few pictures, you can tell it was a gray and dreary day.

Aside from the drive, I’ve been watching some favorite movies, writing Christmas cards and chatting with friends and family.

Happy Holidays!


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