Day 3 – New Dishes

I love fresh fruit and vegetables in the summer and try to incorporate them in every meal. Frozen and canned come second to fresh but sometimes a mix is necessary. Most days I do a salad like this one:

but I find it hard to go several hours without protein. I suppose I could add tuna, a hard boiled egg or chicken to the salad but it’s not the same. I’d rather do a cold salad, no dressing with hummus on the side.

Day 3 – New Recipe

My dinner tonight also included a load of fresh vegetables: peppers, onions, zucchini and brown rice. It was a new recipe that mixed sausage (I can’t remember what I bought but I needed to use it up) with a bunch of vegetables and spices. It’s always a little risky trying a new recipe but you may be pleasantly surprised.

This recipe, a vegetable and sausage skillet, was just the right balance of starch, vegetables and protein. I didn’t add the spices so I just substituted with pepper and garlic salt. Serve over brown rice or just mix it up like I did here.  If I run out of rice I could serve the rest of this dish with pasta or couscous.

Action Step: Identify a substitution in a favorite dish

For dessert tonight I had a cup of coffee with french vanilla creamer. But when the coffee got cold I was in the mood for ice cream. So mixed up vanilla ice cream and the last of my coffee. It’s back in the freezer now to firm up – hopefully it tastes good!


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