Day 2 – Breakfast is Served

If I had a nemesis, it would be breakfast.

It is just so difficult for me to fight my way out of bed in the morning (especially with an 80 pound dog who tries to sit on me) not to mention be coherent enough to provide myself with sustenance.

Day 2 – Start Small

Normally I don’t go out for breakfast, I just don’t eat it. The only benefit of working in an office I mourned was loss of my morning coffee. But I also hate making it every day at home. So every few days I make a pot of 10 cups of coffee and put half in the fridge. This morning I had a simple breakfast: oatmeal, orange, coffee.

idiot proof breakfast

This morning I mixed a packet of oatmeal with flavor added to a quarter cup of regular oats. Add hot water. Done.

The best thing about oatmeal is that it requires mindfulness. If you leave it for 20 minutes while answering emails it gets cold, hard and icky. When the premade packets run out I might make my own using this guide from the Simple Dollar.

I took the cold coffee from the fridge, added some milk (expires today – eek!) and then a little creamer to add flavor.

the best part of waking up...

I started rinsing and saving my coffee cups so I could take smoothies to work and not worry about cleaning the cup. Now I use these one more time to drink my morning coffee cold.

Action Step: Check out fridge items with short life spans NOW

After looking all the way in the back of my fridge, the doors and the easily ignored drawers I found out I’m having a salad for lunch!


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