Day 1 – Getting Started

Getting started on any new project is fun until you realize that you may not know where to start. So I’m going to make this easy if you’ve never tried to eat entirely from your pantry for any sustained amount of time.

Day 1 – Clean Up

Commit to the fact that you’ll be spending time in your kitchen. Maybe more time than you’re used to. So you should start by cleaning it up so it’s a place you want to work. If you walk into the kitchen and think ‘ug, let’s order pizza instead…’ that’s a bad sign. The challenge is an adventure, not a punishment.

For me this means doing the dishes (there’s always dishes in my sink!), cleaning out the microwave and then wiping down the counters. I also took some time to put away my Fall-ish decorations and put away things on my counters I don’t use every day.

Action Step: Set the timer for fifteen minutes and just clean something!

Tonight I wiped down the cabinet doors (jeeze, I spill too much) and then cleaned off the fridge doors. Best thing I’ve found is a Mr. Clean Eraser, those things are awesome.

embarassing how dirty these get

Other things to try

  • empty the utensil drawer and clean the organizer
  • take everything off one shelf and wipe it down
  • go through the spice drawer/cabinet/shelf and throw away expired spices
  • refill your salt and pepper shaker
  • start a list on the fridge with food expiring in the next week
  • sweep the floor and/or mop
  • wipe down the window sills
  • move out non kitcheny things like the mail, your camera, phone chargers

Then, if you’re ambitious, take one step to prevent the bad habit that bothers you most from returning. For me that’s the dishes. When I do get ambitious and cook up a frenzy I’m excited to eat and never follow through with the dishes. Until my parents come to visit. My dishwasher is broken so it’s really up to me.

I just took a break to find a blog post by Leo at Zen Habits that I meant to read, never clicked on but wanted to include here. It’s worth reading and it’s a practice I want to incorporate this month: Wash Your Bowl.

Don’t think that the only way to keep your kitchen clean is to never step foot inside. Take a few minutes to mindfully decide what you’re going to eat for your next meal (hopefully from home) and plan for it, including the clean up.

Tomorrow: breakfast is served!


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