My Weekend in Pictures

October hasn’t been a great month for weekends. The first weekend I did the Memory Walk for Alzheimer’s to honor my Grandma on what would have been her 81st birthday. The second weekend I spent in the hospital with my Grandpa. And the third weekend I spent with Grandma, my parents and uncle after Grandpa passed away.

It was all time I was glad I spent but not the most conducive to relaxation or productivity.

So last weekend I got out of town and went to the Farmer’s Market, visited a friend food carting, did some shopping and enjoyed some wine with friends.

This coming weekend I am working around my house, attending a Halloween party and resting.


2 thoughts on “My Weekend in Pictures

  1. Kelly, I’m sorry for the loss of your Grandfather. I pray your family is comforted in his loss. I hope you have a restful and joyous weekend.

  2. Sending warm thoughts and comfort, as you are missing your Grandpa.

    We had some tough years, after losing our parents and a brother in law one after another. We miss them a lot, but also find that they are still with us so much, through our other relatives, know what they’d say to us in any given situation, and their recipes (both moms were great cooks)… These days, we have a weekly pizza night (home made) with relatives and friends, whoever can come, and find that we really love the time we spend with them, and their grown kids who we knew as babies. This cycle of life thing is kind of painful but also joyful. Sorry to ramble on; hope maybe it helps a bit.

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