On Family

I definitely have not spent any time reducing the amount of clutter around my house recently. Wednesday night I was called about my grandfather who was ill in the hospital. I am still at the hospital.

This is one of those times I am so grateful to have an emergency fund so I can

*refill my gas tank daily without worry

*buy lunch on the run without stress

And I’m grateful that I work independently and remotely so I can

*communicate with a small team as to my availability

*check email from my phone at the hospital on occasion

*use free wifi at the cafe to catch up on work

It’s freedom that I haven’t always enjoyed.

Thursday morning, shortly after the doctors said my Grandpa had an hour to live, I was there in the ICU holding his hand and talking. Grandpa leaned in and said “go to work.” Because that’s the kind of man he is, he is always thinking of others. And to him, if I wasn’t at work on a Thursday morning, I was putting myself in a precarious situation.

I am grateful that is not the case. If it were I would still be here, holding his hand, supporting my Grandma and praying that he recovers. But I would be a lot more stressed and worried.

So if you’re considering going out this weekend and having a lot of fun, or just spending money you don’t need to spend, consider putting some of that in your emergency fund. I hope you never leave your home at 10pm, driving 80 mph and praying you arrive in time. But if you do I hope the last worry on your mind is the costs associated with such a trip.

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