3-day work weekend * now with pictures

Happy Labor Day weekend y’all!

As per usual I’m putting the labor back in Labor Day because while the day job doesn’t begin again until Tuesday (just 2 more days there!) I do have plenty of freelance work to finish.

And my house is a disaster.

I think the mess is a result of 12-14 hour work days for the last few weeks but also I’m just tired. Half of the “worked really hard and now semi-exhausted” tired and half “I might be getting sick so I’m going to chug water and go to bed early” tired.

Luckily there are no “fires” to put out this morning so I’m going to begin tackling the chores that I let slide so hopefully, fingers crossed, by the time I’m home on Friday as a full time freelancer the house doesn’t make me cringe.

I just work better when I’m not distracted by a Kelly-made mess.


Update 1: Cleaned the Guest Bathroom and it only took me about 30 minutes to:

  • Scrub the tub and shower walls
  • Sweep and spot clean the floor
  • Windex the mirror
  • Scrub some stains from the countertop
  • Throw the rugs in the garage to wash

Trying to decide what to tackle next. The kitchen is a big project so maybe after lunch (when it gets even worse…)


Another Update (because it’s easier than creating a new post every hour or so):

I tackled the guest room and will make another pass this week to go through the closet. I did throw a bunch of old pillows outside for the dogs to destroy. That should occupy them for… an hour.

The guest room is also my general laundry sorting area since I resist doing laundry for weeks and then do a half dozen big loads in one night. But I’m also lazy so instead of folding and putting away the clothes and towels I usually just get dressed in the guest room. *shrug* Sometimes I’m astounded by the lengths I will go to avoid a simple task. For example, when I get home from work I kick off my shoes by the kitchen and when 4 or 5 pairs pile up I throw them back in my closet. This week I put on each pair and walked them to the closet before going back for the next pair. Lazy!

Anywho, I did put away my laundry and also reset the room for my morning PT stretches and yoga. I have to be careful because the dogs like to bite at my balance ball and those things are not cheap.

I’m already in the office so that would be the next logical room but… looking around there is SO much to do in here. This is bad.


Update #3

I fully recognize the office needs some revamping if I’m going to be spending most of my time here. Which isn’t necessary because my laptop is pretty easy to take outside, to the library, to Starbucks, or anywhere else I decide to go.

Filing probably took me the most time because I never do it. Also, I found 2 2011 calendars! It’s not even October people… now I have a reminder that I didn’t go to Hawaii and the Humane Society pets need my support. No. More. Calendars.

I dusted the bookshelves but need to do a better job of that later. Luckily I don’t have any known allergies so a little dust doesn’t bother me, it just distracts me from working!

I could cheat and go clean the living room which is actually pretty clean! Only the kitchen and my master bed/bath rooms remain. Which is where I have been stowing all the crap I’ve found thus far.


Update #4

Well the afternoon got busy so I’m posting this last update on Sunday. I cleaned up the kitchen and then, predictably, made a mess preparing dinner. Typical me. But here was the “clean” version:

The living room and dining area are clean but my pictures are terrible and I’m too lazy to retake them today!

I’ve definitely accomplished my goal of being less distracted at home, now that the house is clean(er) I can work without feeling like I should be cleaning


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