Sunshine, Family & Fair Fare on a Saturday

Last week was one of those crazy busy weekends that only happen in the middle of summer! It was the County Fair weekend, my parents were in town and I worked early in the day so I could go play later on. In the spirit of randomness here’s a little of what I did today.

Ice cube trays are so versatile. Since my freezer is too narrow for cookie trays I use them to flash freeze fruit like blueberries. I remembered to do this after watching Charlie & the Chocolate Factory Friday night.


Mom and Dad came up with two dogs in tow and we went off to the Fair. It was hot, not too crowded and fun.

This little calf reminded me of Jackson, all curled up to sleep.

This pig was so popular, probably because his 4-H owner had a sense of humor and named this big guy “bacon bits”

After checking out the animals we summarily bypassed the rides, the games and most of the outbuildings. Mom and I checked out the Hall of Shame, aka, all the people who are much more talented than I am. Quilters make me feel especially inferior. I snapped a few pictures with my phone but I have no idea how to transfer those to my computer yet.

Back home Mom and I picked out pictures for Grandpa’s room and we all watched a movie (the Sandlot – kid and old people approved).

Early Sunday Dad went to a flea market while Mom and I had breakfast and got the pictures for Grandpa. We visited with him for awhile until it was time for his lunch.

This is my Grandpa and Dad enjoying a ride in the Model A a few weeks back.

Lastly on Sunday we cut down a tree. A dead tree. And now there’s a pretty sad looking stump in the front yard!


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