On stopping frustration

Short tempers are a dangerous thing and the quickest way I’ve found to diffuse a situation is to recognize when frustration first begins to creep in.  As a result of working most of my waking hours I keep a very detailed calendar. I can’t stick to my tasks perfectly because I’m not perfect, but I do try to stay on track.

Truly, if it is not on the calendar it is unlike to get done. Thus the reason for adding “dinner: eat it” to my task list. Otherwise I forget half the time!

This morning my schedule began at 8am with a site walk to plan for an upcoming event. My cohort was to meet me at 8am. I began to walk the site myself, taking pictures and preparing questions about the event so we could identify the best set up. I got a call 15 minutes later that the other committee member was on her way.

Now I have a busy day ahead, lots of work to get done and hopefully a chance to relax so this is frustrating. Instead of letting that frustration ruin my morning I found something enjoyable to occupy my time.

I found when we rewalked the site I was much more relaxed and calm than if I’d focused on the other person’s tardiness. An added bonus – I really like these pictures! How do you stop frustration before it becomes anger?


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