Working at Home

There was an interesting discussion amongst friends recently about remote workers, the benefits and the drawbacks.  Interesting enough most of the time we have a skewed perspective. As a worker. As a business owner. As an introvert. An extrovert.

But don’t look at me, I don’t have answers, just my own limited experience.

It occurs to me each morning when I walk out the front door to see my lovely porch that in a few hours I’ll be in a stuffy building, wishing I was outside. But when I come home I go right back inside. Not today! It’s Wednesday which means I’m on furlough and making up my own schedule based on freelance and volunteer commitments. So after a doctor’s appointment and before coffee, I took up residence on my porch swing to write, read and make snarky observations about my neighbors.

What I learned:

The dogs do not like it when I’m away from them so the front door remained open (screen shut) so Jackson could watch me. And he did. He sat there, occasionally whining, for hours. Watching. Good dog!

Wilson is more portable so he came with me, tied the leash to the base of the swing and let him poke around.

The porch is super comfortable. Even more so that I brought out my blanket to keep my clothes clean.  Wilson loves the set up out here and he’s comfortable on the rugs or atop a couple of pillows.  The gentle rocking motion of the swing is a refreshing change from the office chair. It reminds me of the hours I’ve spent with my grandpa in this swing on his front porch, just watching the cars go by.

Trying to balance a dog, a camera and a laptop means something is going to fall. Luckily the laptop is sturdy.

My neighbor has horrible taste in music. And appears to be unemployed. That’s a terrible combination. I fear his daily task of “cleaning the garage” is a ruse.

I hate bugs.

My laptop screen is really dirty.

Eventually I moved to the ground (yes, I sat on the ground, outside, to work today. And I loved it.) where I didn’t have to balance my laptop, could prop open my book and still keep an eye on my cell phone. Wilson got control of the swing.

Lucky for Wilson he’s really, really cute. Because he kept interrupting my work by barking at the mailman. Walkers. Falling leaves.

I have slapped myself more times today trying to kill flies than I would prefer.


So that’s my morning, sitting outside/lying on the ground, working from “home” – personally work is much less about where the work is done than what work is done. I strive to become a trusted member of a team so that no one cares if I’m working in rented office space, a loft downtown, in the park or while traveling.


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