Summer Freshness

I hate to keep harping on this but… it’s summer! It’s warm outside, the days are longer and there is so much freshness. Not just produce but flowers are blooming, lawns are freshly mowed and soon the back to school excitement (at least for parents) will begin.

Remember that Staples commercial where the dad is running up and down the aisles singing “It’s the most wonderful time of the year!” – that’s me. And I don’t have kids. Or classes. Maybe I just have an office supply addiction.

Right now I certainly have a farmer’s market addiction. We have a year round co-op that has so much great stuff it’s hard to list but in the summer my town also has a twice weekly farmer’s market downtown.  Between the two stops my fridge, freezer and countertops are overflowing.

I love these peppers, they’re small and so much more flavorful than the bland gross ones you get in December. A bunch will be going in the salsa I’m making, even more flash frozen in strips for fajitas or pasta dishes.  The orange bowl has tomatoes for salsa, I need to pick up a lot more but I’m waiting for next week’s advertisements. If the prices are too high I’ll just pick up a few pounds during the tomato festival in 2 weeks.  And I’ve still got a few of those lemons left! Love them, as soon as I get a chance to juice them I’m going to freeze them in ice cube trays.

Here I have peppers for the salsa and maybe for my next batch of scrambled eggs, the tote filled with squash, zucchini and various herbs and onions and garlic. I have family in Gilroy (the garlic capital of the world) so I’m rarely without garlic. It’s a nice edition to salsa, good to throw in salads, pasta dishes and great roasted with potatoes.  The zucchini is incredibly cheap right now, about 50 cents a pound for the bulk pack. About half will be sliced, frozen and bagged. I like to make individual servings in the freezer so they’re super easy to pull out, steam and have for dinner.The big bunch of rosemary, lemon something and a bunch of other herbs are things I have no idea what to do with. Honestly, I asked for rosemary and the vendor just kept adding stuff to my bag. All for $1. Crazy. But it’s in a little cup of water so it stays fresh until I can ask my grandma what to do with it.

I picked up those peppers at the farmer’s market this morning. 20 peppers for $1 and so many varieties. I have no idea what most of them are I just remember the “really hot” ones so I don’t attempt to eat those plain.  Again, adding peppers, garlic and onion to the next batch of salsa and other dishes. Yes, they’re in a corn on the cob holder but I ran out of dishes!

Here I’ve got the last of my peaches, really ripe plums and nectarines.  My grandparents said they’d be bringing more peaches, figs, avocados and lemons tomorrow so I’ve got to throw some of these into a smoothie.  I just visited my grandparents a few weeks ago and while I was able to share the figs and avocados, freeze lots of peaches and make a LOT of lemon slushies, I can’t turn down their produce. It’s impossible. In fact, here’s a picture of my grandma, who just turned 90, using a crazy long tool thingy to get avocados from their tree.

What kinds of foods do you like in the summer?


3 thoughts on “Summer Freshness

  1. I want to be adopted!!! My inlaws have a cherry tree and early in the summer we picked so many cherries I didn’t think I would ever get finished pitting them. Froze them in bags, and then added about 1 1/2 cupst to a bottle of vodka. Haven’t used that vodka yet, it is just so pretty. It’s looking like maybe a night with the “mom’s group” and cherry mojito’s. I wish I had the resources you have for such wonderful frsh fruits and veggies. I have to pay $1.00 a piece for avocado’s, and that’s on sale. Usually the store sells them for $2.89 ea. They sit there and rot at that price because no one is willing to pay that. It is sad. Kuddo’s to you!!! Keep up the great blog. Love it.

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