Favorite Flower

Today I went out for a short drive to take pictures of my favorite flowers which are, conveniently, growing in fields nearby.

Awesome! Except for one tiny little thing,

Can you see it? Look to the lower right of the shot, near the center of the flower.

Bees are useful, I suppose (except those Africanized killer bees), but mostly they make me shriek because I’m allergic. Deathly allergic. I carry TWO epi pens for the day when I get stung because I am so allergic my doctor tells me to go directly to the ER because it’s likely my airway will swell and I’ll be unable to breathe.

So I stayed back a ways to got this close up thanks to my zoom lens,

And one in black & white,

I love sunflowers. Even if it means facing the buzzing death.

p.s. my personal horror movie is My Girl. It’s so horrible that someone gave me the DVD and I’ve never watched it.


One thought on “Favorite Flower

  1. You have an exceptional photography eye, aside from a zoom lens, to have captured amazing shots of beautiful sunflowers. They are regal and yet so simple.

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