Busy Sunday

It was an incredibly busy Sunday!  My parents were in town this weekend, in part to take my grandpa out for lunch and a drive in Mom’s new antique car.  We weren’t picking Grandpa up until after 10am so we had time to spare this morning.  Here’s what we accomplished:

Hemmed the curtains from my office closet and window:

Hung my bike in the garage to save floor space:

and fixed a backyard sprinkler.

Then we picked up Grandpa and went for a short drive, stopping by to visit some friends before going to lunch.  The Model A is a lot of fun but getting in and out of the rumble seat isn’t easy. I also got nice and sunburned. Again. After dropping Grandpa off at home for the afternoon we returned for a series of chores in the garage.  This time, in just under 3 hours, we:

emptied the pool of fill dirt, adding to the flower beds,

moved shelving units, sweeping and organizing as we went,

anchored 4 new cabinets in the garage,

added hooks to the walls for my extension cords and canvas bags,

moved the black shelves to the other side of the garage, and

cleaned it all up.  Well, most of it.

Here’s the ‘before’ shot:

and here’s the ‘after’ shot:

Those metal shelves just got shifted over and reorganized, the nice wood cabinets are from a Chem lab that was being demolished.  I don’t know what’s going in there yet, I’d rather not expand my pantry since I’m apt to forget what I have anyway and buy too much.  Maybe emergency supplies like flashlights, water and batteries? Or blankets? I could have a very large liquor cabinet (these have locking doors) or hide the dog treats from the puppies… any ideas?


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