Furloughs & Smoothies

I’ve discovered that one of the reasons I’m less efficient with my time on furlough days is that I have so much more of it. Chores that I could complete after work on a normal day somehow stretch to fill the entire day. Today, a test to break my day into chunks and set limits so I can be more effective.

But first, a smoothie.

I have a weekly dance class at 9:30 and I’m loathe to go without breakfast as I’m likely to fall on my face during a turn. I can tell the days I don’t have enough protein because about 15 minutes in I can’t kick, my feet move slower and my arms don’t want to extend.

This morning I started with plain yogurt.

Added a half cup of cherries pitted and sliced yesterday, frozen overnight

Then a half cup of frozen while fresh pineapple since I can’t eat the entire container before it goes bad.  Top that off with a cup of strawberries, again washed, prepared and sliced yesterday and frozen overnight. Here’s the before:

I added about a half cup of milk to make it blend easier and here’s the after:

It’s pretty thick but can definitely be sucked up in that straw. Very light and fruity. Now I just need some peanut butter on crackers before class starts and I’ll be all set.  As you can see in the blender there’s a lot left over. When I buy coffee at my favorite place I try to remember to save the cups and lids (wash them of course) for times like these.

By tomorrow the cantelope I bought should be ripe and I’ll slice that up, cube it and freeze for smoothies.


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