Furlough Lessons

Last week I learned an important lesson in furloughing – get stuff done! Instead I reasoned that since I’d be working all weekend I could relax a little, didn’t really need to work on my projects and could in fact lie around reading books and playing with puppies.


Not only was I rushed beyond the limits of my fragile sanity but just one event had the potential to throw everything off. Friday that event was a group lunch. A required group lunch. Which left me no time to run to the printer during my lunch hour. Doh! Friday after work I managed to run to the printer, take home my work, pack for the weekend, change for the gym, workout, shower and then leave town. It was entirely more exhausting than it had to be.

This week went a little differently because I had several time benchmarks. They were:

8:10a Doctor appointment

9:30a Dance Class

11:10a Brunch with Friend

between 12 and 4p Visit another friend at work

4:30p Library Event

With that in mind I added in a half dozen errands based on where I needed to drive. I was able to pick up vegetables at the co-op, shop for books in downtown Sacramento, pick up presents for an upcoming baby shower and buy cookies for my Grandpa (who has probably never used a computer lest read my blog).

I was back home by 3:30 to get ready for our Annual Board Meeting at the Library which was a blast!  While this weekend isn’t as busy as all my travel and work like last weekend I am really glad to have a jump start on the week. There’s food in the fridge, gifts to wrap, books to read and cookies to deliver.


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