Project: Paper Pile Proflieration

I finally settled on a June project, now that we’re a week into the month. It’s time I tackle the piles of papers that proliferate around my house and are so easy to overlook. These papers fall into 3 main categories:

1. Magazines – read and remove interesting articles & recipes, save just the last 2 months of each subscription.

2. Loose papers – recycle junk, save and store resource information in a binder or file and ruthlessly attack my projects file.

3. Old files – research how long I should be keeping papers, scan and shred as many old files as I can.

While I don’t plan on going through my old journals or any books I do count it extra credit if I sell books on Amazon (or even list them…) and I shall try to avoid circumstances where I will be tempted to buy books. Thrift stores. Library book sales. Book stores. The internet. I’m still working on reading my way through my library which I presume will only take me the next, oh decade or so.

In the next few weeks I’ll probably post some updates on this new project including my collection of binders and folders that keep my papers organized, my filing system and maybe even my dozens of journals amassed over the years.

Have you decided to take on a project in June? The rules are simple: no rules.  Just choose a frugal home project and try it out for the rest of the month.  I’ve posted some ideas here and here to help get you started.


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