Project Ideas

Will you take the June challenge? Here are five ideas to get you started.

1. Clothes Chaos – this challenge requires you to divide and conquer and is best done in chunks of time with a full length mirror and Law & Order marathon. Start by sorting your clothes into categories and deal with one at a time. Jeans, shorts, bathing suits, socks, sweaters, pajamas, and so on.
Grab some boxes for clothes that should be donated and clothes needing repair. Then go back through the “to repair” clothes and ask if it’s worth the time and money.
Socks with holes become dusting rags, same with solo socks.
Worn shirts can be your painting clothes but put a limit on it – 3 max.
Shoes that hurt your feet or are too uncomfortable have to go.

2. Word Wars – do you ever feel like there is too much information and you’ll never get a chance to read it all? Here’s your chance to limit input for 30 days.

Unsubscribe to emails you never read (sorry Quiznos, Rite Aid and charity spam)
If an email or mail is important enough to keep then create a file for it.
Throw away the excess. You don’t need the envelope your Visa statement arrived in 2 months ago. You don’t need the 13 emails leading up to the decision to go to the Lake last year. Keep what’s important and archive or delete the rest.

3. Endless entertainment – don’t let the items that should help you relax become a source of stress.

That book you bought and never liked: donate it
The movies you used to watch but don’t like now: sell them
A stack of games or a game system that sits unused: get rid of it
Towering piles of magazines you wouldn’t read even if you were on bed rest for the next year: recycle them

The same goes for websites you bookmarked but don’t care to read again, links to news stories that are now archived and old research for long forgotten projects.

4. Recipe Review – tame your recipes and start using the ones you want to try.

Read my guest post on organizing recipes here.

5. Music Madness – are you holding on to discs, tapes and records when you could simplify?

Gather all your CDs and add them, one by one, to your MP3 player. Before you take a CD in the car for your road trip, copy it to your computer. Once the music is downloaded you can organize the discs however you choose.

If you’re holding on to tapes, records, or 45s ask yourself why? Do you listen to them? Do you even own a tape player? Donate.

Tackle your accessories too. Throw out headphones that are broken or poor quality. Get rid of chargers, adapters and speakers that go to equipment you no longer own. (I have iPod skins for several older generation iPods to toss…)

Once that’s done, organize your music files. Create fun playlists or fill in gaps in your collection. Check out the library for new music or a book on CD to listen to during your commute.

Reset the radio presets to your favorite stations and buy a new CD – just one – for a new artist.

What am I going to do in June? I have no idea! My initial idea was to finish decorating my master bedroom but I have a few barriers. I’d like to scrape the popcorn texture ceiling first so I don’t have to re-empty the space. To do so I need a scaffold. IF I can get that scaffold the plan is to:
a) empty the room
b) lay down drop cloths and plastic
c) scrape the ceiling smooth
d) remove plastic & ceiling junk
e) wipe down walls
f) prime & paint walls
g) remove baseboards
f) buy, paint and install baseboards
g) bring everything back in
h) paint and install picture frames


2 thoughts on “Project Ideas

  1. This is such a great to-do list. I am definitely going to add this into my schedule.

    When trying to get rid of stuff, I just get stuck on the “What if I’ll need this later down the road?” … Any tips on moving past that?

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