Happy Memorial Day – Please Slow Down

It’s Memorial Day weekend here in the states and so often we’re in a rush to get it “all” done in just a few days time. I’m certainly guilty of this, driving 6 hours yesterday for a 3 hour photo shoot. But there are times when this can turn dangerous, even deadly.

Last weekend at the Makers Faire I took several photos of this car:

It’s a beautiful car owned by wonderful friends with a rich history.  Now, less than a week later here’s what the car looks like:

The driver and passenger are lucky to be alive and sustained minimal injuries. They were rear ended by a big rig during a tour. This could have easily been my Dad who dropped out of the tour to do some work for my Grandparents instead.  It could have been his car, his injuries, his burns.

I hope you’re all seeing friends or family and having fun this weekend. But please get where you’re going safely.


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