June is Frugal Hobby Month

No, it’s not a formal thing, just a challenge from me to you!  Summer is
kicking off and there’s so much to be done. But there’s also a tendency to
run out to the stores for a new swimsuit! lawn chairs! flowers! camping
gear! fruit snacks! pool toys! new books! lemonade!Slow down.

The first thing is to take a few sheets of paper and go for a walk. Walk
from the front door to the back door. Through your garage. In the backyard.
Into bedrooms and bathrooms.

What bugs you? Notice I’m not asking what’s wrong according to MY standards. Ask yourself what YOU want to change.

Some things that bother me in my house:
-book series I haven’t read in years but enjoy
-duplicate DVDs I want to sell
-the purple paint in my bathroom
-bald spots on my lawn
-a puzzle I want to complete

Take that list of things you want to change and make June the month to get started. Don’t try to tackle everything! Have you ever encountered a friend who writes novels in her “spare time”, bakes incredible creations, volunteers all over town or maintains a clean and efficient household? Changes are she learned habits and created this lifestyle over time.  Instead of complaining that this friend is obviously a transplant from Stepford, Connecticut start with one thing you want to change, set a modest goal and go for it.

Here are 27 ideas for practical and fun ideas:

  1. make a neighborhood walk with your spouse, kids, pet or friend a habit
  2. take 12 photographs a day
  3. reorganize a closet (just ONE!)
  4. practice a new language
  5. improve your vocabulary using my favorite site for high schoolers: free rice
  6. organize your DVDs
  7. re-read a favorite book or series
  8. paint a room
  9. touch up paint on baseboards, a scuffed wall or trim
  10. train your dog a new trick
  11. weed the lawn and garden
  12. do 1 minute sit up drills and try to improve your numbers
  13. collect and sort all the writing utensils in your house (last time I did this, no lie, over 20 black Sharpies)
  14. catalog all the food in your pantry
  15. scan 25 family photos every day – bonus points for throwing away overexposed, blurry and unrecognizable prints
  16. research and comparison shop for car insurance
  17. set up a laundry line and hang all your clothes to dry
  18. finish a puzzle
  19. play every game in your game closet
  20. sort through all your jewelry for forgotten pieces
  21. do all those small repair projects (caulk the tub, replace a fence board, repair a torn screen)
  22. sharpen your kitchen knives
  23. learn to change the oil in your car
  24. cancel 5 paper statements and sign up for email reminders (add reminders to your calendar)
  25. backup your computer data whether or not it’s organized the way you like it
  26. write down all the birthdays coming up in 2010 and 2-3 gift ideas for each
  27. turn in recycling and reduce your trash contributions

What else can you think of? I’ll add more to the list with your comments and let me know what you’re going to tackle in June!


4 thoughts on “June is Frugal Hobby Month

  1. finally bring the 12 bags of clothes sitting in your cleaned out closet to goodwill. finish uploading cds into your itunes library. use your free credits at snapfish to get pictures to fill up empty picture frames. hang up said picture frames.

    or is that just me?

  2. Are you in my brain?! I had just decided that my summer goal was to read/reread the stephanie plum series.

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