Free Office Supplies

If you spend money on office supplies you need to check out this deal. Free bankers boxes, sharpies and file folders from Office Maxx.

1. Sign up for a rewards account. The card will come in the mail but you should get an email confirmation with your reward account number right away. It’s Free.

2. Shop online:

a) Office Max Hanging Folders — $6.29 (Limit 6)
b) Office Max Heavy Manila Envelopes — $5.99 (Limit 6)
c) Office Max #10 Envelopes — $8.99 (Limit 6)
d) Fellowes Bank Box (6-pack) — $12.99 (Limit 6)
e) Sharpie (12-pack) — $8.29 (Limit 6)
f) InPlace 1 1/2 Heavy Binder — $8.99 (Limit 6)

3. Spend at least $50 for free shipping (you can buy one of each for a total of $51.54.

4. Get 100% of the cost back on your rewards card

5. Buy something you need with the rewards. Or something fun. Last time I bought a camcorder!

Here’s what I’m doing
Cost of expensive ink for printer that I have to buy anyway: $18 x 4 colors = $72
2 packs of sharpies = $16.58
4 packs of file folders = $23.96
1 pack of banker’s boxes = $12.99
3 packs of hanging folders = $18.87
Total before tax: $72.40

400 file folders? Yeah. I use them a lot and I’m trying to archive all my old files. And the 300 hanging folders will be more than enough.
24 Sharpies? Yep. First of all, black Sharpies are awesome. They’re great for file folders, bankers boxes, labeling toiletries for summer camp, marking food in a shared dorm, making signs… lots of stuff. I keep a good stash of sharpies and should throw out the dried out ones.
MORE banker’s boxes? Sure, why not? Do you have kid’s toys that you’d like to put away to reduce clutter? Need storage for all those files you’re purging? I used the boxes in my office to hold old files, papers, school artwork and memorabilia. You can also store books, crafts, dog toys, emergency supplies, birthday presents and kitchen dishes.

Other ideas:
-donate to a teacher for end of year clean up
-send your college student off with some basic supplies
-donate to an organization you support and take a tax deduction
-use the supplies in your home business
-sell the items at a garage sale
-use the rewards to buy custom printing services, save money on a larger purchase or stock your office


Don’t forget if you like Free Stuff to enter my first giveaway by leaving a comment here. You have much better chances of winning this great finance book than winning the lottery. Or getting hit by a meteor.


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