Curtains de Office

One of the best parts about owning a home is that I can completely make it my own. That means bold colors on the wall, installing pretty ceiling fans and putting as many holes in the walls as I want! Over a year ago I bought and installed curtain rods and there they sat. Empty. Until now!

After months of searching I finally found the perfect fabric to make curtains in my guest room:

The material came from Ikea and matches the walls perfectly. I really like vertical stripes so I found a very similar fabric for the office which has dark green walls:

Same pattern, different color. They’re short, just past the window sill but great. I wouldn’t want the fabric bunching up by my computer cables and they really do block out most of the light. Or I can turn the blinds to let light in and the neighbors can’t see me in my office.

I also wanted coordinating but not matching curtains to cover my closet since I took down the doors and use them in the garage as a workbench. Why would I cover up the closet? Because of the times I make a mess like this:

I want to cover it up. By the way that’s ONE box that fell down when I was organizing the boxes in the office a few weeks ago.

Here’s what my closet used to look like:

And now covered with my pretty new curtains:

These still need to be hemmed but we’re pretty sure there will be enough fabric for some pretty tiebacks! Now that all of my important windows are covered (garage window is low on the priority list. Low low.) what should my next project be?


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