Furlough Switcharoo

While I’m against this furlough schedule with every fiber of my being, it does have some advantages. For example, Sunday night when Jackson went to the emergency vet and couldn’t sleep I took off Monday when I was operating on no sleep and waiting to file the Animal Control report.  Which meant I had to work today and I’ve become used to a little break in my week.

I was supposed to show you my new curtains, sewn by Mom this last weekend but alas, I didn’t write anything, take any pictures or even think about it until way too late in my day to be coherent.

Instead this afternoon I visited the police station, bought groceries, attended a board meeting at the Library, watched Jackson try to chew a bone without using his paws, read a lot of freelancing material, and played with the pups.  Earlier today I finished two new profiles on a project I like to call “Every Car has a Story,” submitted a press release for the paper and edited some writing for a friend.

It’s been a busy day.  So tomorrow, curtain pictures and Friday a fun guest post for you. For now: sleep.


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