Blogs I Like

Recently I decided to revamp my blogroll as most of my friends are no longer blogging on a regular basis.  I decided to list blogs that are relevant to my readers and providing fresh content on a semi-regular basis.

Here are the ones I chose:

The Empty Kitchen – I’ve been in on this blog since before Day 1. My friend Jana juggles family time, work, a second job and conquering the kitchen. You’ll love her practicality, recipes and lessons from kitchen mishaps.  I did a guest post here and you’ll love her discussions on school lunch, the most disgusting food known to her husband and the best dessert ever.

Small Notebook – Rachel has such a beautiful blog, family and sense of style. And she shares her life and challenges with honesty. Beautiful photography too! My favorite posts on the library card catalog, worms, making a quilt and managing your kid’s artwork. Rachel is taking a well deserved blog holiday and will be back with new articles in June.

Money Saving Mom – you do not have to be a mom to appreciate the work Crystal and her team put into this blog. Just enjoy the free samples, saving money and learning how other families do it. My guest posts appear here and here. The deals change constantly so jump in and check it out!

Cake Wrecks – If you think I can’t decorate a cupcake then you’ve got to see this blog! No, it’s not finance related (unless you include thinking they spent money on that cake?) but it is fun to read. Jen and John are also funny, relatable and command a mass of Wrecksters and mohawk sportin’, carrot ridin’ nekkid babies.

I Will Teach You To Be Rich – I’ve linked to this blog by Ramit Sethi in the past so this is just a more formal endorsement. Ramit is writing about finance unlike any other blogger out there. If you need a plan that works to get out of debt, save more money or accomplish your dreams to live a rich life (whatever that entails to you) then pick up his book by the same name and check out the blog for insight on understanding the psychology behind finance.The tips on negotiation are especially helpful.

And, just because it’s my anniversary I have my very first giveaway!

Awhile back Ramit sent me 2 copies of his book, a New York Times Bestseller by the way, and I’m doing the noble thing and passing one on to one of you.  The rules are simple: leave a comment and tell me your favorite blog (personal finance or otherwise) and you’re entered. Make sure to put an email address you check regularly so I can contact the winner. Also, if you subscribe to the blog by RSS feed then you’ll be automatically entered. If you leave a comment you’ll be entered twice!

Entries close Thursday at midnight (PST) because that’s when I go to bed and I’ll announce the winner on the blog Friday.


15 thoughts on “Blogs I Like

  1. kelly, the most disgusting food to my husband is a cheese sandwich. the most disgusting food ever (to me and most of the world) is scrapple, which for some strange reason, my husband will eat. i’m so glad that you keep reading, even when you know what’s coming!

  2. Can I say my own blog? No, then, I will go with deal seeking mom but there are ton more I like, check out my links at I think you will like most too.

  3. My favorite blog is Biscuit’s House, and thank you so much for asking, because it prompted me to check for updates even though she hasn’t blogged in over a year, and lo and behold she is now active!!!!

  4. Hi Kelly, thank you so much for your kind words! I really appreciate it. Sorry it took me so long to get back to here, my inbox never really recovered from that time away. I hope you have a good weekend!

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