Furlough Goals

Another Furlough Wednesday and I’ve got a lot to accomplish today so here’s the list:

  • change oil in my car – DONE the wind was still kicking up so I took it in (grumbleicandoitmyselfgrumble) but I did pick up a magazine so I’ll consider it even.
  • grocery shopping- DONE picked up some lunch food at Costco that was on sale and then cleaned out the fridge
  • babysit Elliana – DONE although she doesn’t like me much when her Mom is gone. I didn’t take it personally. Okay, I did.
  • not a happy face

    review Lesson 3 for class– working on it!

  • design 3 marketing fliers– eh, I designed one but it’s better than the last bit of crap I designed
  • walk the dogs and wear them out! – coming up!

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