Almost done with the office

Friday night I managed to clean most of my office in a burst of focused procrastination. Now that the office is clean I have to use it for bill paying, writing and freelancing!

I’m still filling banker’s boxes from the great sale last October so I sorted papers and stuck them at the top of the closet. One of these days I’ll scan everything and be uber organized. One of these days..

The ottoman from my aunt was great, just too tall. And every time Wilson leaned on it one of the legs would fall off. So I took off the legs all together and now it fits perfectly under the desk.

Now that my china cabinet is finished (more on that tomorrow), I have a free bookshelf. After some generous gifts this past year from friends and taking advantage of the video store closing, I needed more DVD space. I’ll probably downsize my collection in the next year and sell off the ones I don’t watch but for now the stacking bookshelf holds DVD collections, the Ikea bookshelves hold all the movies. The basket under the stacking bookshelf holds books and DVDs I’m listing on Amazon.

I told you getting new furniture means rearranging everything else! The blue & white chairs from the guest room moved and one of them needs to fit into the office until I find a better place or new home for them. Now that the closet is semi-organized I can squeeze the chair in.

In another week my Mom will be sewing the office curtains so I can hide the closet and block out the morning sun filtering through the window. Here’s the fabric I chose:

I’ll post again when the office curtains are done and then I consider the room “done.” Of course, I’d still like to install the rest of the baseboards, hardwood floors, retexture the ceiling…


4 thoughts on “Almost done with the office

  1. I also love the fabric choices, and I just want to say that I really enjoy seeing what you’re up to! I’m very “visual”, and learn/get ideas, the best, by “seeing”. Thanks Kelly!

  2. I really enjoy your blog-your budgeting tips, photos, organizing, etc. Thanks! The office looks great. What is the green paint color? I’m looking for something similar for my den.

  3. I pulled out my paint samples for this one!
    Office: Happy Camper
    Living Room: Cliff Rock
    Guest Room: Havasu (aka Smurf Blue!)
    Kitchen: Cherry Cobbler
    Bathroom: Rice Grain

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