Mini Goals

We all have goals, even if they’re not engraved in silver and mounted on the wall. A lot of those goals are unspoken and crop up at random times.

When I’m out driving in the dead of night I reaffirm my goal to own a classic convertible so I can drive and see the stars.  When I’m mowing the lawn and cursing the odd shape of my lawn which requires me to hand trim the fringe, I mentally restate the goal to marry someone who loves to garden. And when my doxie decides it’s always a good time to cuddle and jumps on my head then curls up on my neck, preventing me from breathing, I remind myself the goal to train those mutts not to maul me.

Sometimes it’s easier to just focus on the small things so we’re not overwhelmed.

Tonight my mini goals are to eat dinner (I’ve been lax in that lately) and photograph the office for tomorrow’s blog post.

What are your mini goals?


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