Weekend Recap

I’m a little behind today because wordpress wouldn’t let me post yesterday (bad wordpress!) but yay for the nice tech people who solved all my problems while I slept. I need more of those people.

Anywho, the weekend goals I set on Friday ensured mental and physical collapse by midnight Sunday. But I’m an overachiever and finished with collapse by 10pm!

Clean up the office – done, post and pictures to follow
Modify new ottoman – done
Finish laundry – sorted, folded, put away
Sort miscellaneous tools & nails – done, post and pictures to follow
Sweep garage – multiple times. Damn filthy garage
Wash car – yep
Change oil in car – No. Too hot Saturday, too windy Sunday. I’ll try for Wednesday
Work on freelance business – yep
Meet Tressa for lunch – yep
Find and buy material for curtains – yep, will post pics when they’re sewn
Rearrange living room furniture – yep, see previous post
Find protein, kill and cook it – nope. I seem to  have issues remembering to eat on the weekends. I think I had one meal on Sunday… it did have protein, just not that much.

This week most of my free time is going to be focused on freelance work which has the goal of bringing in some money AND saving my sanity. High expectations, I know.


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