Living Room Remodel in 125 minutes

After working Friday night in the office, I found the living room looked like crap. And now that I moved the stacking bookshelves to the office I had a little more room.

Here’s the before:


Pretty bad. I don’t spend too much time watching TV, actually I don’t watch cable ever but I do watch movies. So I angled the couch away from the TV bench and now I have lots of floor room.  I cleaned off the table and rehung my coffee art. Here’s the wide shot:

and the dining area:

I still need to install the doors on the china cabinet but they’re drying from the last coat.  Behind the couch I had a little room for a chest and my wine display:

The green fabric is for my newest sewing project – curtains for the office. I like that there’s still enough room to expand the table and add the other chairs from the bar area. If I ever get around to having that house party this summer.

All the moving, sorting papers, vacuuming and putting away tools took 125 minutes. Exactly the time it takes to watch the Mummy.


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