Office Treasures

I love cleaning my office. Okay, I love cleaning nearly everything but especially the office.


Treasures. I was in the middle of moving puzzles from the closet to the guest room which contains all things “fun” when another box fell and things went crash boom.

But. Not only did I find a picture I’ve been looking for since February, I found something infinitely mockable:

Art by Kelly. Heh.

I remember being extremely proud of this as it is probably the best piece of art I’ve ever created. Oh to have peaked at 8 years old… The horse looks like a horse (probably because  I traced it from my cover of Black Beauty), there’s a rainbow and sun and waterfall and a bunch of flowers and a butterfly and the horse has a mohawk…

Epic Fail.

I’m looking at the original and I have no idea why there are pieces of green fuzz coming out of the horse’s tail. No idea. I do love that the sun is so big it’s about to take over the world!

Oh and the best part? The back reads:

10 points (no name, no grade)

Ah, all that work for nothing!


3 thoughts on “Office Treasures

  1. May it was 10 out of 10? I know my mom assigns different point values to different projects. I think it’s great!

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