The week is over and I am exhausted!  Today after work I picked up some gardening tools and two, yes two, mochas at my favorite coffee place. I used a coupon and stamp card but still, two of ’em.

I was home by 4:45 and started working on the yard. In the backyard I cut back 12 rosebushes and I’m contemplating pulling out 3 that don’t have any growth. They’ve had 18 months and nothing has helped. So those will probably come out when I take out the tree.

Then I scooped the dog poop and just kept finding more. It’s like hide and seek when every “find” make you groan. I mowed the lawn, scooped all the hidden gems and then cut the fringe by hand. All because my string trimmer (a Christmas gift) is still in pieces.

I wheeled the toter and mower to the front yard where I pulled weeds, cut back some of the roses but not all and then mowed. In all I worked on 18 rosebushes and emptied the mower bag 4 times. Then I used the leaf blower and trashed the weeds.

Exhaustion ensued.

I realize now that it was a very bad idea to do this work (nearly 2 hours worth) on a day when I’ve neglected to eat any protein. That’s right, no protein in the last 20 odd hours means my blood sugar is dangerously low and I’m slightly dizzy. The hot shower to wash away all that dirt and sweat didn’t help either.

It’s a good exhausted though.  See, for the next week at least I won’t have to come home to business cards from landscapers at my front door or battle thorny paths to get to the back yard. And I’ve managed to finish a big part of my weekend to do list and it’s not even 7pm on Friday.

The rest of the weekend is similarly exhaustion enabled:

  • Clean up the office
  • Modify new ottoman
  • Finish laundry
  • Sort miscellaneous tools & nails
  • Sweep garage
  • Wash car
  • Change oil in car
  • Work on freelance business
  • Meet Tressa for lunch
  • Find and buy material for curtains
  • Rearrange living room furniture
  • Find protein, kill and cook it

Wish me luck.

What does your first day of May include?

3 thoughts on “Exhaustion

  1. I’m on lockdown this week studying for final exam. If I clean and do laundry that’ll be plenty! I look forward to being able to work in my yard more this Summer. Way to go, Kelly!

  2. I got worn out reading your post, lol. Don’t give up on that rose bush yet. I know your thinking “Is she kidding?” Nope. Rose bushes are sturdy and very ornery plants. Some won’t bloom for three years then one day you will look out in your garden and it’s full of blooms. Rose bushes that have not been tended too are the best candidates for surprise blooms. Give them a lot of banana peels and coffee grinds. Try one more season.

    First day of May is a lazy one. I am a Southern girl and tomorrow is the Kentucky Derby!!!!! I will be home watching all the beautiful horses. I am also a horse girl too. This is my favorite holiday, lol. I might make a trip to the thrift stores, Big Lots and Hobby Lobby. My DH is looking for a new carrier for his phone. All our errands are in the same one mile shopping area so it’s easy.

    Can’t wait to see what you do with your living room.

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