Furlough Fatigue

Frankly, I’m getting a little tired of these furlough days. It would be fine if my income was at a level I was comfortable with but it’s not so I’m not. I also do not want to stay with this company for a variety of reasons but I find myself so tired of dealing with the bullshit that I drift toward laziness on my days off.

On a completely random note, I work some Saturdays helping students prepare for the SATs – last weekend I had the joy of reading an essay by a student who wrote on the prompt for moral behavior by using South Park as an example. Oy vey.

Today I did a little work in the guest room, finally folding and putting away a week’s worth of laundry and moving some furniture around. I know, I know, more furniture, right? Well last week my aunt graduated nursing school and moved out of state, leaving me with several pieces of donated furniture.

Best part: Free.

Worst part: Moving it in.

Here in the guest room I’ve moved out the Ikea chairs and thrown in these beautiful red 10-feet leather chairs:

I call them 10-feet chairs because they look great from about 10 feet away. Otherwise you’ll notice about a thousand small scratches on the leather from a half dozen little kitties. Someday I’ll recover them but until now I don’t really care. They’re a nice stepping stool for Wilson to get up on the guest bed so I don’t worry too much about the scratches.

Wilson was in full on Diva mode today, insisting I stop everything and grab my camera. It’s been raining and windy outside so I decided to oblige him:

Doesn’t he look so patriotic? Such a ham. I very kindly introduced him to this new invention called a “dog bed”

He was not impressed.

We argued. I won. But I did give him a distraction since he was in the small bed, on the floor.

Overall, I really like how the guest room turned out.  Sure, I could use a few more prints up on the wall and if I add more bookshelves to the office I’ll have to move my photo wall but I love this room.  Sometimes it’s the small things like a stack of old books my Mom sent me,

or just having the space for a few hundred of my favorite books. Things aren’t necessarily better or the path more clear but the dishes are done, bills are paid and I’ve still get to make room for a new ottoman, footstool and loveseat.


2 thoughts on “Furlough Fatigue

  1. I hope you’ll find work more steadily. Do try to enjoy the time off, though it’s easier to do when you know you could be working. I’ve had dilemmas this way also. It seems like I have time or money and it’s rare they both line up together. Keep your chin up. Maybe it’s time to do something different?

  2. I love to see huge readers.:) Wilson is adorable. He stole my heart. I love your dogs. I am sending you hugs about your job. I would say just quit but that is such wrong advice in a shaky economy. Don’t give up you will find your dream job.

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