Kitchen Update

Remember when I talked about making a list of things for the house? Well this week I finally accomplished one of my ideas.

I wanted a simple, white shelf near the stove top to hold spices, specifically my adorable salt & pepper shakers. Here’s the space:

Those weird things at the top are to hold paper towels but I don’t use a lot of paper, I think there’s half a roll in the cabinet that’s been there for a long while. The white shelves came from Target, pre-drilled with drywall screws.  I simply lined them up where I wanted each shelf and marked the wall with a sharpie.  I tried to stagger them  to avoid the electric outlet and switch, it would be no good to drill into electrical wires.

Here’s the after:

I’ve removed the paper towel holder, put up two shelves and now have salt & pepper right next to the stove.  The trivet hanging on the wall is mostly decorative but I like it.  I found the little iPod speaker base at Target about a year ago on clearance, you can’t really see the red base but it matches wonderfully.  Still, it’s a little bare and I never have nothing on my counters.

I love my yellow butter dish. It matches the covered bowl, also yellow.

Next up I put out some candles in these little votive holders (also on clearance at Target) to make it look like spring:

How do you get your house ready for spring?


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