Photo Fun

On Saturday I arranged to meet some friends at Ikea when, like a plague, most had to drop out.  Missing dogs, classes, and the plague befell our little group until just like Survivor there was one left. I felt a little like Jeff Probst! Rachel and I had a lot of fun talking, sampling Swedish food and walking through the warehouse.

I don’t like to take pictures at a place like Ikea, too many lights, too many people. Instead I found this shot outside:

That’s straight out of the camera, no editing done yet.

I decided to darken the background to make the flowers pop.

I like it, a little more dramatic and you can really see the contrast.

Now what happens if I go even darker on the shadow tool:

I love messing around with photo editing, it’s always interesting and fun, like creating a new photo without leaving the house. I think I’ll take a few of these and frame them in the guest room, I’ve already got the 5 x 7 frames on my bookshelves!


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