Organizing One Cabinet at a Time

My work day was entirely too frustrating, computer programs are not my friend right now. It wasn’t terrible, just one of those days when I wanted to get up and do something!

So I came home with a chore list and have been steadily working since. I’m taking a short break and decided to post about my bathroom cabinets.  They weren’t too bad… see:

top cabinet
bottom cabinet
Under the Sink

So it’s not terrible but there are a few problems. Some of these towels are guest towels, the others are not. And it’s really hard to get the medicine boxes out, especially when I’m bleeding.  The area I access most is the cleaning supplies and those are a mess so I usually can’t find what I need right away. That’s a problem when the puppy has left me a puddle. The top cabinet is pretty rockin’ but I don’t get new bottles of shampoo or mouthwash but maybe once a month – or every two months. Plus the candles in the bottom cabinet are a disaster.

Here’s the after:

Top Cabinet

Moved all the hair stuff on one shelf so I can make more room for guest towels. Now if the sink leaks my nicer towels won’t get ickified.

Bottom Cabinet

Biggest change is that I can get to the medicine boxes without injuring myself! Second shelf holds kleenex, miscellaneous supplies like a glucose meter and Vicks and a dozen or so air freshener plug-ins.  Very bottom is all those candles and soap refills.

Candles & Soap

Finally under the sink:

Under the Sink

Rags are in a tub from the Dollar Store I had lying around and cleaning supplies are otherwise organized. I’m glad to have some extra room so it doesn’t get too crowded.  I did put 3-4 towels outside for car and dog washing, threw out one melted candle and emptied a soap container.  Everything else went right back in the cabinet and the whole process took less time than posting this on the blog!


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