Where Will Today Take You?

Where will today take you?

One of my commentors left the link to this video which features a short speech from Steve Jobs in 2005. It’s highly watchable and a great use of 15 minutes. In the video, Jobs mentions that it is impossible to tell how the events of today will play a part in your future BUT looking back these things become clear.

It’s the interesting person you met online who offers you a freelance job (true story happened to me).

It’s learning a skill that will help you for years to come (9th grade typing with Mrs. G).

It’s a compliment that boosts your confidence and convinces you to push on when you want to quit (too many to count).

And so many more ways that your life today will impact your life tomorrow.

So where will today take you? If your day consists of doing menial work, keeping your head down, not making eye contact and insulating yourself from others are you creating space to influence your future? Or are you just surviving?

I’m not knocking surviving, we all have periods of stress and depression where the entire goal is to make it to the end. The end of a project or day, the end of a responsibility or class.

But after you get through that rough patch focus on the next thing. Even if you have no idea what the future will bring to you (and who does?), learn something new. Drop in on a class or check out a library book. For goodness sake, Google something!

Stuck? Don’t know where to get started? Do something weird, unexpected and dare I say, fun?

Crayola downloadable coloring pages. Grab a crayon and go.

Sudoku online, no printing necessary, simple to impossible skill levels

Do a puzzle online here

Find out what plants are native to your region and think about planting one.

Skip, even if just to the mailbox

Did you know today is National Chili day? Celebrate something weird!

Throw a picnic indoors

Take that box of cake mix and make cupcakes (They’re like cake but cupcakier!)

Research someone inspirational

Check your city website for upcoming events

Take a walk down Main Street

Buy a coffee and pay for the next person in line

Play basketball, ride a bike, throw a softball pitch, turn a cartwheel



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