There’s a nasty little storm brewing in my neck of the woods, lots of wet and wind which makes me a little cranky.  So today after so many conversations about spring and enjoying the small things I cleaned off my kitchen table and put out a few beautiful things.

I took the leaf out of my kitchen table hence the great divide you see.  The placemats are spill proof and the covered dish was part of a set I bought for $9 at the Salvation Army.  Granny Smith apples 39 cents a pound will be pie soon enough:

and these wonderful flowers were on sale at Costco.  Until my roses recover from their pruning I think it’s great to have flowers around. Winter is so dreary and dead, I needed some life (especially after nearly killing Eeyore, my floppy depressed looking houseplant AND the supposedly unkillable bamboo).

Are these just so bright and cheerful? I love the variety and health of the stems, no depressed looking roses here! See up close

My good intentions of finishing my Spring Cleaning list were dashed with the trip to Costco, a phone interview and then class starting early so I’m going to get to that list tomorrow during Furlough Wednesday.


5 thoughts on “Stormin’

  1. i try to treat myself weekly with roses from aldis. i put some in my living room. my houseplant is thriving this year. last year we nearly killed her. shes about 8 years old. we now collect rainwater outside and bring it in and let it get to room temp then pour it on her.

  2. My mom got me flowers once, and then I returned home from a brief jaunt to the supermarket to find flower confetti all over the house. I can’t really say the kitties *ate* the flowers, since for all I know every single iota of flower might have been on the carpet. But all the same, probably won’t be investing in any soon. OMG though do I want some apple pie now!!

  3. Love the flowers! Bright flowers always brighten up my day! I have to agree with Nitza, though, that unfortunately they’re not allowed in my house. My cats eat about half of anything leafy (plants, flowers, corn husks, fake Christmas trees, etc) and then chew up the rest to make confetti. I get live plants, but they lose me with the fake Christmas tree branches!

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