12 Ways to Get ready for Spring

I’m impatiently awaiting the official start of spring (thanks a lot Punxsutawney Phil!) and days when the sky doesn’t resemble gray goop. Though I’ve not seen a single snowflake not embroidered on a towel this winter I am rather anxious for 80 degree days, blue skies and flowers blooming.

Until the weather decides to cooperate I’ve decided to get my house ready for Spring weather. Depending on the size of your house it can take just 10 minutes for each task and if you have 2 stories split them up, top level and ground level.

-wipe down the window sills with a damp cloth
-sweep down cobwebs in the corners
-wipe down all door handles and light switches
-shake out area rugs
-empty trash cans and deodorize
*I love to put the empty trash cans on my lawn, toss in some cheapo dish soap and fill them up with water. Let the soap soak in and get rid of stains and smells, dump the water in the flower bed (mild soap kills bugs) and rinse off on the lawn.*
-wipe down the fridge, freeze, oven and stove
-wipe down all the sinks
-replace central air filter
-change sheets and put away flannel sheets until Fall
-dust light fixtures and replace any light bulbs that burned out
-sweep the walkway outside or your porch
-clean toilets

And there you go, 2 hours if you’re working alone and the major cleaning jobs are done!

I like to print out the list and set my timer, noting when something only takes me 5 minutes and when a task takes 20.

The goal is to get done in 2 hours but it’s easy enough to break up into 4 nights 30 minutes a night or an hour each on Saturday and Sunday.

Try this little trick: plan a 10 minute break to sit down and enjoy some water halfway through if you’re doing everything in one day. If you use twitter or facebook or a message board post a message like this:

“halfway finished with Spring cleaning!”

And when you’re done see just how many people have commented. Most people know they should be doing something, even may want to do that thing but are content to procrastinate just one more day.

Get up, move, be productive and then enjoy your fresh, cleaner home.


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