Peace of Quiet

During a long drive on Wednesday afternoon I found a new favorite place.

It’s a 110-year old chapel. Simple. Gorgeous.

Don’t you just want to walk down this road?

*back on topic*

It’s a loud world out there. Magazines publish articles about how to get your family to stop playing cell phone games at dinner and twitter, facebook, social sites and yes, even blogs take up more and more of our attention and time. And if there isn’t enough exterior forces vying for our attention we are facing more internal pressures as well. We need to be healthy, stay connected, watch our finances, prepare for emergencies, raise good kids, dress well, figure out retirement funds, be organized, eat healthier, exercise more, get involved in the community, read more books, learn to knit, cook more interesting dishes, litter train the cat, teach the dog not to bark, drink 8 full glasses of water, watch our alcohol intake and sleep 8 hours a night.

When do we have time to just walk down a road? Appreciate the slight breeze that rustles through the tree branches and the chirps of birds overhead? Do we make the time to rest, to appreciate, to walk down a road with worrying about optimizing our heart rate and tomorrow’s appointments?

Next to the 110-year old chapel you’ll find this:

There’s something right about a cemetery that is not perfectly manicured with tidy paths and polished headstones. Our bodies like our cemeteries breakdown eventually.

Here, miles outside of town and surrounded by fields, farming equipment and chapels just might be the most peaceful moment of my week. There are no barking dogs or neighbor’s garage band, no commercials or clients, bosses or phone calls.  Just quiet.

Last week Noah Kagan said something that provoked a lot of thought. He said, “SPOILER ALERT: you’re going to die. What are you going to do with your life?”  The ending is guaranteed – it’s just the time frame that’s unknown.

When it comes down to it do I want to spend my time organizing and re-organizing junk? Do I want to look at 100 recipes for cupcakes and comb through a dozen magazines? How do I want to spend my time?

When the sun sets on the piece of stone that marks your final resting place will you have lingering regrets?  Did you spend your days thinking about your dreams or achieving them?  Did you ever take a quiet walk, whatever that looks like in your life, and consider your life?

Who do you want to be?

What do you want to achieve?

How are you going to get there?

The answers can’t be found in the back of the book. I don’t even know the answers to my own questions yet. So maybe tomorrow I’ll take another walk and see what I find at the end of the road.


4 thoughts on “Peace of Quiet

  1. Kelly
    I agree completely. I love your photos. I grew up going to the cemetary every week and there is something so peaceful about being there. The picture of the road needs to be framed and YES I do want to walk down that road.

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